Alienware AW15R3-3831SLV 15.6 inch Gaming Laptop

Alienware’s been experiencing a reexamination of sorts, discharging laptop PCs that have a quite more develop plan. The 15-inch (beginning at $1,199, assessed at $2,299) is the most recent in the line to experience this advancement, and the outcome is a space cruiser that is doomed hot. Be that as it may, the Alienware 15 is more than a flavor upgrade. It’s likewise pressing Intel’s intense new overclockable seventh era processors, which, when combined with Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 1070 GPU, makes for a framework that can deal with multitasking, gaming, and VR with insignificant exertion.

Also, if that wasn’t sufficient, Alienware has collaborated with Tobii to bring its eye-following innovation in with the general mishmash for a consistent better approach to connect with your laptop PC. Be that as it may, short battery life keeps the Alienware 15 from Editor’s Choice status.


Make proper acquaintance with the sleeker, more refined Alienware 15. Like its little brethren, the Alienware 13, the 15 has experienced a noteworthy outline redo that expels all the lighting from the Epic Silver anodized aluminum top, put something aside for the trademark outsider’s head in the middle. Be that as it may, never fear, Alienware hasn’t wiped out the adored LED lighting. It just relocated to the sides of the top for a more developed look. Keeping in mind the end goal to oblige the majority of the specs and ports, the tablet has built up a little distending rear produced using dark magnesium amalgam, which coordinates the highest point of the top.

Opening the journal uncovers the console and touchpad marooned in an ocean of dark delicate touch material that offers a sumptuous vibe. You’ll locate the shining outsider head control catch living in the focal point of a reflexive dark bar over the console. The matte show is encompassed by a fairly thick bezel complemented by an Alienware logo lit up with adjustable LED backdrop illumination.

There are a decent number of ports at the edges of the Alienware 15 emphasized by a gleaming LED strip. On the privilege sits a solitary USB 3.0 port, with another USB 3.0 port on the left alongside a USB Type-C port, jacks for a receiver and headset, and a Noble Lock space. Along the back, you’ll discover a Thunderbolt 3 port, a full HDMI 2.0 port, a smaller than usual DisplayPort, Gigabit Ethernet, a restrictive port for the Graphics Amplifier and the DC control jack.

Weighing 7.4 pounds, the Alienware 15 (15.3 x 12 x 1 inches) is lighter than the 8.2-pound Acer Predator 15 (15.4 x 11.8 1.5 inches) and the 10-pound, 16.4 x 12.7 x 1.9-inch Asus ROG G752VS OC Edition. The MSI GT62VR 6RE Dominator Pro is more convenient at 6.4 pounds, yet at 15.4 x 10.5. X 1.6 inches, it’s likewise recognizably thicker. The Razer Blade, with its 13.6 x 9.3 x 0.7-inch outline, weighs 4.2 pounds.


Alienware proceeds with its dash of lovely shows with the most recent emphasis of the 15. The 15.6-inch, 1920 x 1080 determination board is a textual style of rich shading and a fresh detail. Viewing the 1080p trailer for Kiki, I wondered about how plainly I could see the fragile fronds of the peacock plumes embellishing a portion of the artists. The sky blue, emerald and gold plumes were practically as strong as their wearers’ identities.

Investigating the universes of Mass Effect: Andromeda was a consistent exercise in picking my jaw off the floor. Points of interest were sufficiently sharp that I could see blue-white lightning jolts cut spiked ways along the sky until the point when they met the steel-dark earth, leaving a smoking dark cavity. When I stumbled upon an uncorrupted bit of earth, I was taken in by the striking green outsider plant, got in a close radiant brilliant beam of light.

Those striking tints are because of the board’s shading array, which measured a superb 117 percent of the sRGB scale. It’s vastly improved than the 94 percent standard normal. The Blade, the G752VS, the Predator 15 and the Dominator Pro weren’t too a long ways behind at 114, 112,110 and 106 percent, separately.

With a score of 0.3 on the Delta-E test (0 is perfect), the Alienware 15’s show is bounty exact. It was sufficient to top the 2.6 classification normal, the Blade’s 2.4, the G752VS’ 2.1, the Predator 15’s 1.4 and the Dominator Pro’s 0.7.

When we quantified for brilliance, the Alienware 15’s board found the middle value of a sparkling 374 nits, which surpassed everything with the exception of the G752VS, which conveyed an extraordinary 476 nits.

The Alienware 15’s show has Nvidia’s G-Sync innovation, which enables the show to adjust straightforwardly with the illustrations card for the smoothest execution conceivable. On the more affordable models of the Alienware 15, the G-Sync show is topped at 60 Hz, however, my model offers twofold the invigorate rate speed at 120 Hz. As far as I can tell, most recreations ran well on the Alienware paying little mind to whether G-Sync was empowered or not. In any case, the picture looked a great deal smoother with G-Sync empowered.


You could utilize a headset to amusement on the Alienware 15, yet then you’d be passing up a major opportunity for the rich, adjusted sound from the front-terminating speakers. The laptop PC filled my medium-measure testing space with Bruno Mars’ smooth tenor as I played “That is What I Like.” The bass was profound, however not overwhelming, taking into account the totality of the console and the fresh drums to radiate through.

Utilizing the Alienware Sound Center programming, I found that the Music setting was ideal for tuning in to Spotify or Vevo. In any case, when I began playing Mass Effect, I ran with the Shooter preset over Role Play, as it made for weightier impacts and blasts when I drew in the foe in battle.

There are four extra presets you can look over, in spite of the fact that the lion’s share is a turned account of particular gaming classifications. Like MSI’s Nahemic 2 programming, Sound Center has Audio Launchpad, which gives you a chance to outline tests to your console or gamepad that can be activated while spilling. There’s additionally Audio Recon, which intensifies adversary strides so they’ll never get the drop on you.

Keyboard and TouchPad

While the Alienware 15’s customary console doesn’t convey the boisterous snap rattle that I cherish on mechanical consoles, it unquestionably conveys practically identical criticism, on account of the steel-fortified keys. We gauged key go at 2 millimeters (1.5-2 mm is ideal) and the activation – the power expected to discourage the keys – was 78 grams (60 grams is the base). Those estimations enabled me to hit 70 words for each moment on the 10fastfingers writing test, which is well over my 60 wpm standard.

As usual, Alienware offers an adaptable LED illuminated console that is essentially an incredible sight. Ready to imitate up to 16.8 million hues, contingent upon your imagination, you can change the framework into an enrapturing, throbbing gem conditioned magnum opus.

The 3.8 x 2.1-inch touchpad looks little, yet I had a lot of space to execute two-finger scroll, squeeze zoom, three-finger swipe, and other multitouch signals. The best part is that like all Alienware laptop workstations, the cushion illuminates with each delicate stroke. The match of discrete mouse catches offered springy input.

Alienware Command Center

Alienware’s restrictive settings suite has been streamlined to four applications. There’s AlienFX, which gives you a chance to make custom backdrop illumination profiles for your framework, while TactX enables you to outline to the full-scale keys. You can change the power settings with Alien Fusion, while AlienAdrenaline enables you to make custom alternate routes, screen execution and modify the Graphics Amplifier, in the event that you have one helpful.

Gaming, Graphics, and VR

The center youngster in Nvidia’s Pascal GPU lineup, the GeForce GTX 1070 with 8GB of VRAM can deal with pretty much anything you toss at it. I hopped into a session of Robo Recall on the Oculus Rift, for a robot-crushing great time. The diversion ran easily, in spite of my excited transporting around the board, which enabled me to cull a copper-shaded shot from the air and hurl it at an approaching robot, causing a large number of sparkles and smoke to stream from the new opening in its chest.

When we ran the SteamVR execution test, the Alienware 15 got 11, which is the best score for this test. That was all that anyone could need to cruise past the standard normal of 6. Furnished with GTX 1060 GPUs, the Predator 15 and the Blade both got a score of 6. The G752VS and Dominator Pro accomplished 10.4 and 10.1, individually, on account of their GTX 1070 GPUs.

The Alienware 15 can likewise convey some smoking edge rates – with or without G-Sync empowered. When I played Mass Effect: Andromeda with the element off at 1080p on Ultra, the tablet conveyed a normal of 57 fps. That is well over our 30-fps playability limit. When I dropped the settings to High, the edge rate hopped to 62 fps, and 68 fps when I bought it much further down to Medium.

To the extent customary gaming benchmarks are concerned, the Alienware 15 is a standard with the opposition. On the Rise of the Tomb Raider benchmark (1920 x 1080 on Very High) for instance, the Alienware indented 52 fps, while the Dominator Pro and the G752VS accomplished 51 fps and 55 fps. They effectively beat the 33-fps class normal. The Blade conveyed 43 fps, while the Predator 15 scarcely cleared the obstacle at 34 fps.

Amid the Hitman test, the Alienware 15 hit an amazing 98 fps, soundly beating the 56fps normal. The Dominator Pro and the G752VS weren’t too long ways behind, with 94 and 91 fps. The Blade and Predator 15 got a respectable 60 fps and 57 fps each.

The Alienware 15 delivered a strong 68 fps on the Grand Theft Auto V benchmark, drifting past the 48 fps standard normal. That was sufficient to beat the vast majority of the opposition aside from the G752VS, which indented an awesome 73 fps.

When we ran Metro: Last Light, which is one of our harder tests, the Alienware accomplished 68 fps, trouncing the 48fps normal while coordinating the G752VS and the Dominator Pro. The Predator 15 was the unexpected champ, in any case, with 69 fps, while the Blade conveyed a strong 43 fps.

On those events when you’re not sparing the world or investigating a virtual one, the Alienware 15 changes over to its coordinated Intel HD Graphics 630 GPU for less concentrated errands.

Overall Performance

Skylake was so a year ago. The new hotness is Intel’s Kaby Lake processors, which offer better execution and power productivity. The Alienware is shaking the seventh era Intel Core i7-7820HK processor with 8GB of RAM. It’s overclockable, which implies it has a lot of gas in the tank to deal with all you’re multitasking requests.

For instance, I gushed Dave Chappelle’s most recent stand-up unique on Netflix while running a full framework examine in Windows Defender with 17 open tabs in Google Chrome with no discernable idleness. Truth be told, I experienced slack just when I propelled Mass Effect: Andromeda in another window.

The Alienware 15 stood its ground on our manufactured tests, hitting 14,932 on Geekbench 3, which tests general execution. It was all that could possibly be needed to top the 11,377 standard normals alongside the G752VS (Intel Core i7-7820HK CPU), the Blade (Intel Core i7-7700HQ CPU) and the Predator 15 (Intel Core i7-6700HQ CPU). They got 14,717,13,682 and 12,888, individually.

Amid the File Transfer Test (duplicating 4.97GB of blended media documents from an outside hard drive), the Alienware 15’s 512GB PCIe SSD (a

Battery Life

Overclocked specs, a G-Sync show, and an effective Nvidia GPU? Sooner or later, the Alienware 15 needed to bite the bullet, and for this situation, the toll is demanded on the battery life. The laptop PC kept going just 3 hours and 25 minutes on our battery test (nonstop web surfing over Wi-Fi), which is far underneath the 6:57 standard normal. It’s superior to the Dominator Pro’s season of 3:18, however not the G752VS and the Predator 15, which endured 3:53 and 4 hours. In any case, the Blade was the last framework running, with a period of 7:45.


We watched a couple of HD YouTube recordings through the span of a 15-minute traverse and measured key focuses on the laptop workstation. The touchpad enrolled a cool 81 degrees Fahrenheit while the space between the G and H keys hit a warm 94 degrees. The base of the scratch pad came to 92 degrees, marginally underneath our 95-degree comfort limit.


The coordinated 720p webcam can take an OK shot, gave you’re in a sufficiently bright spot. My test photographs precisely caught my woods green and dark dress with sufficiently sharp detail to make out the marginally botanical example. I could likewise read a portion of the lettering on the blurb out of sight.


Heeere’s Tobii! The eye-following programming has advanced into the Alienware 15 in the restricted limit by means of Tobii EyeX Lite. Without the coordinated sensors you find on the bigger Alienware 17, you won’t be able to control your computer games with your eyes. You can, in any case, put your framework into rest, close off the lighting or diminish the screen with a basic look. The IR sensor mounted in the webcam module monitors your look and executes summons in like manner.

As fun as playing look a-boo with your laptop PC can be, the camera can likewise be utilized to open the tablet through Windows Hello. Setting up the facial acknowledgment benefit is entirely basic, simply make a secret key and stick first. From that point, essentially hit the Set Up catch under Face Recognition in the settings menu and let the IR nearness identification camera examine your face, and you’re ready.

Software and Warranty

Alienware normally keeps the undesirable programming to a base. Outside of the regular Windows 10 suite, the main outsider applications on the Alienware 15 are Facebook, Twitter, Pandora, Royal Revolt 2, Asphalt 8: Airborne, Candy Crush Soda Saga, and Drawboard PDF.

There is some helpful, gamer-driven programming pre-stacked onto the tablet, for example, Nvidia’s GeForce Experience, which comprises of a few diversion advancement applications, including Battery Boost and GameStream for gushing recreations to your Nvidia Shield. There’s likewise the Share include, which enables you to record or communicate your gaming abuses. To guarantee your recreations are running on the speediest system conceivable, the notepad likewise has Killer Network Manager.

The Alienware 13 accompanies one year of Premium help, which incorporates day in and day out access to Alienware’s help specialists, in-amusement repairs and investigating.


I had some good times evaluating the $2,299 model of the Alienware, which has an overclockable seventh era Intel Core i7-7820HK processor with 16GB of RAM, a 512GB M.2 SSD with a 1TB 7,200-rpm hard drive, an Intel HD Graphics 630 GPU, a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 GPU with 8GB of VRAM and a 1080p Nvidia G-Sync 120Hz board.

In case you’re on a financial plan, the $1,499 adaptation of the framework offers a 2.8-GHz Intel Core i7-7700HQ CPU with 8GB of RAM, a 128GB M.2 SATA SSD with a 1TB 7,200-rpm hard drive, an Intel HD Graphics 630 GPU, a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 GPU with 8GB of VRAM and a 1080p Nvidia G-Sync 60Hz board.

The $1,199 base model highlights a 3.5-GHz Intel Core i5-7300HQ CPU with 8GB of RAM, 1TB 7,200-rpm hard drive, an Intel HD Graphics 630 GPU, a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti GPU with 2GB of VRAM and a 1080p Nvidia G-Sync 60Hz show.

The highest point of-the-line $2,549 display has an overclockable 2.8-GHz Intel Core i7-7820HK CPU, a 512GB PCIe SSD with a 1TB 7,200-rpm hard drive, an Intel HD Graphics 630 GPU, a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 GPU with 8GB of VRAM and a 1080p Nvidia G-Sync 120Hz board.

The lower-level arrangements of the Alienware 15 are furnished with a 68 watt-hour battery – a somewhat small spec contrasted and the 99 Wh battery found in the more costly models of the framework.

On the off chance that you need power and execution without putting too huge a scratch in your wallet, I exceedingly prescribe the $1,799 demonstrate, which has the bigger battery and also a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 GPU with 8GB of VRAM, a 2.8-GHz Intel Core i7-7700HQ CPU with 8GB of RAM, a 256GB PCIe SSD with a 1TB, 7,200-rpm hard drive and a 1080p Nvidia G-Sync 60Hz show.

Bottom Line

There’s a great deal to like on the Alienware 15. For $2,299, you get a cutting edge go up against the interstellar topic that is smooth and advanced, with an agreeable console, amazing sound, solid gaming execution and a flawless G-Sync-empowered show. The Tobii programming includes a fun, yet valuable eye-controlled usefulness for more consistent efficiency, regardless of the possibility that it’s not for playing amusements. For the full Tobii treatment, you’ll need to advance up to the Alienware 17.

Yet, the Alienware 15 is more than its eye-tracker. Because of some somewhat hearty equipment, including an overclockable Core i7 processor, Nvidia GTX 1070 GTX and a G-Sync show, the tablet serves up rich smooth casing rates whether you’re playing customary or VR recreations.

The framework stumbles a bit with regards to battery life, and if perseverance is imperative to you, the $1,899 Razer Blade may be a superior fit. It’s additionally more compact than the 7.4 pound 15-inch Alienware. On the off chance that you need something with a quicker SSD, consider the $1,999 MSI GT62VR Dominator Pro. Yet, in the event that you need a genuinely compact 15-inch framework with every one of the fancy odds and ends, the Alienware 15 is an awesome decision.

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