Lenovo Ideapad 510S 14.0-Inch Laptop

The Lenovo IdeaPad 520S is the second-level laptop in the organization’s lineup of thin, light and metal-clad laptops. Tipping the scales at 1.7kg and at 19.3mm thick, it’s bulkier than the 14-inch 720S, which itself isn’t exactly as thin and smooth as the snazziest of laptops.

Be that as it may, beginning at just £600, this laptop is a large portion of the cost of those most premium models yet still incorporates a Full HD IPS show, a decision of nippy Intel processors, substantial SSD stockpiling, an illuminated console, and an appealing and for the most part metal plan.

In case you’re after a decent all-around laptop that has a couple of premium touches yet doesn’t burn up all available resources, the 520S is an extraordinary alternative, particularly since it can likewise be designed with Nvidia illustrations for better gaming execution.

Design and build

The 520S has a 14-inch screen with bezels that aren’t especially limited, in addition to it’s 19.3mm thick. All things considered, this gadget is extraordinarily greater and heavier than the Microsoft Surface Laptop, Dell XPS 13 and MacBook Pro. It stays compact, however, I wouldn’t portray it as a ‘take-anyplace’ machine.

Regardless, it holds a great part of the superior feel of the above machines on account of its aluminum best and console encompass. Tragically, the base area is painted plastic as opposed to metal – however, it looks great, by and by.

Note that the metal here is super-thin sheets that have been squeezed into shape; the gadget isn’t slashed from strong pieces similar to the case with the MacBooks. Therefore, you don’t get that consoling feeling of robustness but instead, there’s a reasonable piece of flex to the greater part of the boards. In any case, the general look and feel is as yet an unmistakable advance up from less expensive, every single plastic laptop.

Open up this laptop and you’ll see that the screen creases completely level, which can be helpful. Be that as it may, the pivot is a touch-free to such an extent that once past opposite, essentially lifting up or putting down the laptop can make the screen drop further. Once more, it’s the kind of issue that is common of less expensive laptops – you’re particularly paying for the look and highlights of a top-notch gadget here, not really the fit and wrap up.

With respect to those highlights, you get a bounty. The network is abundant, with HDMI, USB 3.0, ThunderBolt and earphone ports down the left side and a moment USB 3.0 port and a card peruser on the right. The contending Acer Swift 3 figures out how to crush in an additional USB 3.0 port, yet two or more the ThunderBolt ought to be adequate for general clients.

You likewise get an illuminated console, extensive single-catch trackpad, a unique mark peruser, and webcam.

Flip the laptop over and it’s anything but difficult to evacuate the whole base of this machine, making it simple to keep the inward workings clean and tidy free. This additionally brings about simple access to swap out the 2.5-inch stockpiling drive and RAM, in addition to there’s a spot for an M.2 SSD.


One key element of the 520S that hoists it above more passage level machines – other than its metal outside – is its 14-inch screen. It utilizes an IPS LCD board that gives better review edges and difference and hues than less expensive TN LCD boards.

You additionally get an abundant Full HD determination, so the picture is sharp and your workspace doesn’t feel cramped like it can on littler, low-determination shows.

The main drawback is the somewhat low most extreme splendor level of 258nits. We by and large jump at the chance to see no less than 300nits – and in a perfect world 350-400nits – since this makes the screen substantially less demanding to check whether you end up attempting to complete stuff when outside or in other brilliantly lit conditions.

Something else, execution is fair. Shading balance is quite near our optimal, with a shading temperature of 6333K, while differentiate is a copious 1285:1. Gamma is a touch low, at 1.99, which means the board shows darker hues somewhat brighter and more washed out than they ought to be, however, it’s a minor distinction.

It is workable for content makers to get by with this screen, yet they might need to move up to a superior class of show since this one covers just 59.4% of the sRGB shading space.

Likewise, similar to the IdeaPad 720S, the splendor control on this laptop is somewhat irritating. Tap the alternate way catches and it alters by the standard 10% in Windows, however dropping from 100% to only 90% outcomes in splendor going from 259nits to 180nits. Tapping the catch again and dropping to 80%, brilliance hits only 100nits. Such substantial changes make it hard to locate a level that offers the correct adjust – endeavoring to hit our standard test level of 150nits required physically entering 85% shine.

Keyboard and trackpad

Writing is a joy on the 520S’s console. It’s extensive, the design is phenomenal, and the key activity makes for a simple touch-writing knowledge. There’s additionally backdrop illumination close by for when writing oblivious.

There are laptops with better consoles, yet at the cost, I’ve no grumblings.The unique mark peruser beneath the console functions admirably enough as well, making for a speedy and advantageous approach to sign in to your laptop.

The same is valid for the trackpad. Its substantial region makes it simple to move the cursor over the full width of the screen, its aluminum surface feels extraordinary, and the single-catch click activity is responsive.

Webcam and audio

The webcam is your standard 720p/30fps undertaking that is fine for essential video visit and spilling. The picture is somewhat grainy, yet it delivers fair hues and adapts well in low light. Furthermore, the inherent receiver offers reverberate and keystroke clamor diminishment and additionally beamforming to focus on your voice.

With regards to delivering sound, this laptop has a couple of speakers, one in each corner on the underside of the front edge. From here the sound spills out to make a shockingly successful stereo picture.

In addition, the nature of the sound is great. It’s unmistakable and remains twisting free even at most extreme volume. Obviously, the bass is missing – yet there’s a smidgen of profundity to the sound, not at all like the really weedy speakers found on less expensive laptops.



The Lenovo IdeaPad 520S is accessible in various arrangements going from £600 up to £850. All offer a similar screen and 8GB of RAM with the CPU, SSD and designs card being the alternatives accessible.

The least expensive model incorporates the Intel Core i3-7100U CPU and a 128GB SSD, while the most costly ascents to an Intel Core i7-7500U and 256GB SSD. In the middle of our choices with an Intel Core i5-7200U, 256GB SSD, and Nvidia GT 940MX illustrations. I’m yet to affirm if there’s additionally a choice with the i7-7500U and Nvidia illustrations in the US.

The rendition sent in for survey utilizes the i7-7500U without Nvidia illustrations, a determination that can right now be found at John Lewis for £750, which would ordinarily be the normal decision for experts looking for a lot of CPU control however who needn’t bother with additional designs control. It’s nice esteem and conveniently

Rather, most clients will be content with the £700 choice that incorporates an Intel Core i5-7200U and 256GB SSD, however without the illustrations, or the £750 choice that includes the Nvidia designs. There’s a practically puzzling measure of a decision to the extent specs go.

What does the expansion of the designs card get you? All things considered, it’s around a few times more intense than the illustrations processor included with the Intel processor. This implies you’ll accomplish truly playable edge rates in more established and more essential diversions, for example, Minecraft and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Regardless you’ll have to run them at moderately low resolutions and detail settings, however in contrast with the Intel designs, you’re getting a significantly more playable experience.

As far as benchmarks, the designs processor on the Intel Core i7-7500U CPU tried here oversees 51,696 focuses in the 3DMark: Ice Storm test, while the Nvidia chip (tried on the 720S) hit 67,394. This appears like an unassuming increment, yet that is on account of this test is so fundamental as to be constrained by the speed of the CPU. In the additionally requesting 3DMark: Fire Strike test, the Nvidia designs oversees 1925 focuses contrasted with only 804 for the Intel incorporated.

Whatever is left of the framework is bounty sufficiently quick, as well. The 7500U joined with that 8GB of DDR4 RAM makes mincemeat of most assignments, with just power clients liable to require more. Truth be told, the 7200U alternative will be adequate for most.

The setup here incorporates a SATA SSD, which implies it’s restricted to the 540MB/sec read and compose speed that SATA can do. Not that the drive can even achieve those numbers, rather conveying 492MB/sec read and 353MB/sec compose. That is sufficiently still to feel sensibly nippy while booting, stacking applications and moving records around – it simply isn’t as nippy as the PCI-E SSD in the 720S, for example.

Battery life

Lenovo claims this laptop will last up to 12 hours on its battery, however in genuine utilize this figure will be lower. Limit shine to a close unusable level and you may draw near, yet at a more sensible level of 150nits (85% on its brilliance scale), I quantified only 5hrs 56mins with our standard PowerMark test. At a similar brilliance, the 720S endured nine hours.

What’s peculiar is that retesting at only 70nits (70%) saw battery life reach out by just two minutes. That it had such a little effect recommends, to the point that perhaps a program was running out of sight that was keeping the laptop at a higher utilization level than it ought to have been, and that at both shine levels it was failing to meet expectations. In any case, regardless I’d expect such an expansive change in splendor to make more of a distinction.

Testing just by viewing Netflix for 60 minutes (back at 150nits), the 520S’s battery expended 16%, proposing that six-to-seven-hour figure is genuinely exact.

Generally speaking, this remaining parts an immaculate satisfactory outcome – you’ll still just need to top-up once all through a working day – yet it’s a disgrace it isn’t nearer to the asserted figures.

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