Lenovo Yoga 910 2-in-1 14-Inch 4K UHD Touch Laptop

In case you’re searching for the ideal mix of energy, style, and versatility, you’ll see it hard not to love the Yoga 910. Lenovo’s most recent 2-in-1 (beginning at $1,200) still wows with its exquisite watchband pivot, however, it now offers an almost sans bezel 13.9-inch show that gives you more to take a gander at without consuming up additional room. Indeed, even its battery life has seen a truly huge increment and will now most recent 10.5 hours on a charge.


All things considered, the 910 doesn’t appear to be much unique from a year ago’s Yoga, yet that is not an awful thing. It has smooth, brushed-metal boards on the best and base; glossy, cleaned metal sides; and, obviously, Lenovo’s mark watchband pivot holding everything together. It’s a tasteful, refined look that puts the Yoga 910 on the short rundown of the most attractive laptops available.

Inside, the Yoga 910’s appearance has gotten a quite sensational cosmetic touch up, with another show including modest 6 extensive bezels. This almost bezel-less plan influences the screen to appear as though it’s skimming in midair and enables the Yoga to attract you much more when you’re watching motion pictures and TV.

In any case, I do have one protestation: The body boards tended to squeak when I got the 2-in-1. Despite the fact that the Yoga 910 never felt shaky, I wish its manufacture quality felt somewhat sturdier.

The Yoga 910 is marginally bigger and heavier than its fundamental adversary, the HP Specter x360, however less with the goal that it could ever prevent you from placing it in a similar size pack. It quantifies 12.72 x 8.84 x 0.56 inches and weighs 3.04 pounds, contrasted and the Specter x360’s 12.03 x 8.58 x 0.54 inches and 2.8 pounds.


Another advantage of the Yoga 910’s littler bezel configuration is that it enabled Lenovo to incorporate a 13.9-inch show versus the 13.3-inch screen you’d ordinarily get on a framework this size. This outcome in a screen that is right around 10 percent bigger than those on 13.3-inch frameworks. Albeit a few people may not be immense aficionados of the 910’s to some degree awkward lower button, I rapidly disregarded that unattractive plan decision in the wake of looking at the 910’s huge, bright screen.

When I viewed the trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 on the Yoga 910’s full-HD board, I cherished the way the brilliant, ruby-red eyes of Star-Lord’s cover shone out from the dimness.

At 292 nits, our Yoga 910 audit unit’s screen was really brilliant, however, it was dimmer than its principal rival, the HP Specter x360, which put out 318 nits. The Yoga 910’s shading generation go is very like the Specter x360’s scope of 101.7 percent; it was practically difficult to take note of a contrast between the two when they were thought about one next to the other.

The 910’s shading precision was additionally very solid. It earned a Delta-E rating of 0.76, which is for all intents and purposes undefined from the Specter x360’s evaluating of 0.74. (Lower numbers are better.) We, for the most part, view anything under 1 as great.

Keyboard and Touchpad

While the Yoga 910’s illuminated console brandishes a to some degree shallow travel separation of 1.3 millimeters, it’s offset pleasantly by a moderately firm 65 grams of incitation weight required to discourage the keys. This gives you a really smart writing knowledge; I experienced no difficulty hitting my run of the mill 75 words for each moment on my first attempt.

The 910’s 4.7 x 2.3-inch one-piece touchpad is really great, as well. There’s all that could possibly be needed space to mouse around, and it reacted to left and right snaps and multitouch motions, for example, squeeze to-zoom, decisively.


Highlighting a 2.7-GHz Intel Core i7 7500U CPU, 8GB of RAM and a 256GB PCIe strong state drive, our $1,200 Yoga 910 survey unit was never harming for control. Notwithstanding when the Yoga 910 had upward of 15 tabs open in Chrome and several HD YouTube streams playing out of sight, I didn’t see a trace of slack. I simply wish the capacity speed were somewhat quicker.

On Geekbench 4, which assesses general execution, the Yoga 910’s score of 8,102 was very great. The Specter x360 (which additionally has a Core i7-7500U CPU) performed barely better, with a score of 8,147.

At the point when entrusted with arranging 20,000 names and addresses utilizing OpenOffice, the Yoga 910 took 3 minutes and 34 seconds – only a moment off from the HP Specter x360’s season of 3:33.

When we copied 4.97GB of blended media documents, the Yoga 910’s SSD posted an exchange speed of 195.7 MBps. Despite the fact that that is sufficiently quick to top the 171.1-MBps normal for ultraportables, other premium 2-in-1s, for example, the HP Specter x360 and the Microsoft Surface Book, which both posted much quicker speeds of 318 MBps.


The Yoga 910’s two base-mounted JBL speakers are quite respectable, and can without much of a stretch fill a stay with sound. In any case, contrasted and the quad-speaker Specter x360, the Yoga 910’s mids, and highs sounded shallower, and its bass didn’t have almost an indistinguishable sort of punch from I heard on the HP.


The Yoga 910 highlights a more established USB Type-A port and also two USB 3.0 Type-C ports. One Type-C port backings video-out, while alternate games dependably on charging for keeping gadgets like cell phones and smartwatches finished off. There’s additionally a standard earphone/mic jack, and add an implicit unique mark peruser, which you can use to sign in to Windows or different administrations.

Sadly, the Yoga 910 doesn’t bolster Thunderbolt 3, which implies information exchanges won’t be as brisk, and you won’t have the capacity to associate the Yoga 910 to a dock with a solitary string on the off chance that you need information, video, and power all sent more than one association. I additionally wish Lenovo had incorporated an SD card opening or something to that effect, in light of the fact that without one, it’s sort of an agony to exchange pictures from a camera to the laptop.

Battery Life

A standout amongst other things about the Yoga 910 is its altogether enhanced battery life, which, for a framework that as of now kept going truly long, is an appreciated expansion. On the Laptop Mag Battery Test (ceaseless web surfing over Wi-Fi), the Yoga 910 endured 10 hours and 36 minutes.

That is 2.5 hours more than a year ago’s Yoga 900 (7:57), and almost 2 hours longer than the Yoga 900S (8:46). Contrasted with the Yoga 910, the HP Specter’s battery life is still truly great, yet about 30 minutes shorter, at 10:08.


The Yoga 910 games a really standard 720p webcam, but since of this present framework’s about without bezel show, it’s situated underneath the show rather than in a more run of the mill top-mounted position. That puts watchers on the flip side of a video in the unbalanced position of continually gazing toward the base of your button, unless you prepare yourself to crane your neck down and look all the more straightforwardly at the camera. Also, that gets sort of excruciating before long.

On the other hand, you could utilize the Yoga 910 of every tent or tablet modes when making video calls, however then you wouldn’t approach the console.

Gratefully, the camera’s picture quality is entirely better than average, however somewhat grainy now and again. Nonetheless, not at all like on the HP Specter x360, there’s no IR camera to give you a chance to sign in utilizing your face with Windows Hello.


Despite the fact that it’s only 0.6 inches thick, the Yoga 910 doesn’t get excessively hot amid easygoing use. After it gushed HD video for 15 minutes, the most smoking spot on the laptop, close to the base vent, measured 97.5 degrees Fahrenheit. That is marginally over our 95-degree comfort limit.

To finish everything, things were considerably cooler. The space between the G and H keys measured only 92 degrees, while the touchpad measured 86.5 degrees.

Availability and Configurations

For the minimum costly Yoga 910, you’ll need to look at Best Buy to get frameworks beginning at $1,200 with an Intel Core i7 CPU, 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD. Be that as it may, in the event that you need to move up to the discretionary 4K show, you’ll have to horse up, in any event, $1,430 on Lenovo.com.

Bottom Line

The Yoga 910 is the cream of the 2-in-1 trim. It gives you the most recent Intel Core i7, a genuinely enormous 13.9-inch screen in a reduced body, and over 10 hours of battery life. Include what is as yet the best pivot in the business, and you have a powerful 2-in-1 beginning at just $1,200. The main genuine drawback of the Yoga 910 is its cumbersome webcam arrangement.

The Yoga 910 has a commendable contender, however: HP’s Specter x360 is much lighter, and it has better speakers, Thunderbolt 3 and about a similar measure of battery life. It likewise has a lower beginning cost of $1,050.

The decision truly boils down to the amount you esteem the Yoga 910’s somewhat bigger 13.9-inch show, the choice of a 4K screen (which the Specter x360 doesn’t offer) and its upscale plan with a sans bezel screen and watchband pivot. In the event that you go Lenovo’s direction, the Yoga 910 won’t frustrate you.

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