MSI GE63VR Raider-213 15.6-Inch 120Hz 3ms Premium Gaming Laptop


MSI is composing another page in its gaming scratch pad lineup with its GE63VR Raider arrangement. This 15.6-inch laptop is shockingly thin and light yet fuses an intense Intel Core i7 processor and a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 designs arrangement. That is not terrible for a sub-five-pound journal that is only 1.1 inches thick. MSI’s GS-arrangement, for example, the GS63VR Stealth ProBest Price at Amazon, are more slender even lighter; in any case, they utilize a less intense Nvidia Max-Q variation of the GTX 1070, rather than the full-control version in the GE63VR. Then again, MSI’s GT-arrangement notepads, for example, the GT62VR, are thicker and heavier than the GE-arrangement and can pack considerably more power.

Notwithstanding an invigorated plan, the GE63VR likewise conveys a first to MSI’s gaming scratch pad lineup: a console with per-key RGB backdrop illumination. Composed by SteelSeries, the console may seem to be like the SteelSeries consoles on past MSI notepads from a separation, yet the favor backdrop illumination is an unmistakable giveaway this isn’t a similar console. It has an enhanced feel, as well.

The GE63VR is sold in various arrangements in the United States. The Raider-231 model credited to us for a survey is among the pricier ones. For $1,649, it’s fit for impacting through the present AAA-appraised titles at 1080p determination gracefully. Its center determinations incorporate an Intel Core i7-7700HQ quad-center CPU, the previously mentioned GeForce GTX 1070 8GB designs card, 16GB of RAM, and a 256GB strong state drive (SSD). Its full HD show has a high 120Hz revive rate, promoted 3-millisecond reaction time, and wide shading range scope.

The opposition is savage at this value point. As we composed this, the Alienware 15 R3$1,224.99 at Dell went for a similar measure of dosh with a fundamentally the same as segment loadout. To the Alienware’s credit, it likewise incorporated a 1TB hard drive notwithstanding a 256GB SSD, while the GE63VR Raider-213 has quite recently the last mentioned. The Aorus X5 v7 went for $2,199, however, had a higher 3K show determination, and a somewhat quicker Core i7-7820HK overclockable processor.

The Acer Predator 15Best Price at Amazon was at a bargain on Acer’s online store for $1,499, however, its screen was a customary 60Hz board. You won’t discover anything from HP or Lenovo on this rundown; HP doesn’t offer a designs card as intense as the GTX 1070 in its Omen 15Best Price at Amazon, and neither does Lenovo in its Legion Y720$1,099.99 at Lenovo. By and large, however, the GE63VR still has a lot of rivalries. We should perceive what it can dole out.


The GE63VR Raider is an unexpected creature in comparison to the GE62Best Price at Amazon arrangement that went before it. The machines seem to be comparative from a separation, yet very close, the GE63VR has a more current appearance. The cover backing has a more forceful look, including two red accents at the best…

The sides and front edges of the suspension are etched for a sleeker look. The GE63VR Raider likewise gets rid of the GE62’s plate stack optical drive. Nowadays, there are few gaming notepads (or notepads when all is said in done) that incorporate one, the Gigabyte P56XTBest Price at Amazon being a current case.

Despite the fact that it’s not as light as the GS63VR Stealth Pro, the GE63VR is as yet thought to be light for a 15.6-inch gaming notepad. At 4.9 pounds, you’ll be unable to locate a lighter model with a GeForce GTX 1070-class GPU. The undercarriage is of normal thickness at 1.1 inches. That is not thin when you contrast it with the 0.7-inch-thin Asus ROG Zephyrus GX501$2,689.00 at Amazon, however, the GE63VR is substantially less costly. Its additional thickness helps its cooling framework too, which we’ll detail somewhat later in this audit.

The GE63VR is, for the most part, a plastic form, short the fairly thin brushed aluminum covering on the palm rest encompass and top sponsorship. The body has some minor flex in it, however, the top is astonishingly hardened. The show pivots are a smidgen too solid to enable the show to be opened one-gave.

For wired availability, the GE63VR packs a solid measure of ports along its left and right edges.

The left edge has the link lockdown opening, a Killer E2500 Ethernet jack, HDMI and scaled down DisplayPort video-out ports, a Type-A USB 3.0 port, a Type-C USB 3.1 port, and autonomous earphone and mouthpiece jacks. The Type-C port lamentably doesn’t bolster Thunderbolt 3. On the brilliant side, the Type-A USB port is splendidly illuminated in red. We don’t review seeing illuminated USB ports on a notepad previously, yet we cherish the thought; not any more bobbling around oblivious to connect a comment. We trust you do as well since we didn’t see an approach to debilitate the backdrop illumination for the USB ports.

The correct edge has the rest of the availability: a full-estimate SD card peruser and a couple of illuminated Type-A USB 3.0 ports, in addition to the AC control jack toward the back corner.

Over the show on this scratchpad is a 720p/30fps Webcam. The photo had a lot of grain even in great lighting, and sharpness was deficient. It may improve the situation an easygoing Skype visit, yet in the event that you’re intending to engage thousands of every a web-based gaming stream, you’d be better off putting resources into a committed outside camera.


The GE63VR is sold with two sorts of presentations. A large portion of the designs we discovered incorporated the 1080p-determination show, as did the unit we were credited for audit. A 4K show is offered, however, to game purposes, the 1080p show can’t be beaten. It offers a quick 120Hz revive rate and promoted 3-millisecond reaction time, making it perfect for quickly paced recreations. The GeForce GTX 1070 GPU in our unit is more than fit for surpassing 60fps in the most recent AAA titles at the 1080p determination, so the high revive rate will be put to utilize. (Put it thusly; if the show didn’t have a higher-than-60Hz revive rate, we’d say the GTX 1070 GPU would be pointless excess for 1080p gaming.)

The hues, difference, and brilliance all looked remarkable on the 1080p show. MSI promotes that it covers 94 percent of the NTSC shading range, an abnormally high number for a scratch pad board. We didn’t confirm the claim, yet we can state the hues looked exceptionally rich, nearly to the point of oversaturation. The conceivable drawback of this show is that it’s a TN-type board; taking a gander at it too far-removed focus will bring about a twisted picture. The 4K board offered on the GE63VR doesn’t have this issue, as it’s an IPS-type board with wide review point bolster. In any case, gamers will almost dependably be taking a gander at the show head-on, so we aren’t docking focuses for the 1080p board’s constrained review edges.

The other innovation this show needs is Nvidia G-Sync bolster. Its essence may have smoothed out the gaming background more (hit up that article connect to discover why), yet we can’t state we saw screen tearing or different glitches while we were gaming. The GeForce GTX 1070 is a creature entertainer at 1080p and doesn’t precisely experience difficulty keeping up playable framerates (to say the least).

The GE63VR has a couple of Dynaudio-tuned speakers simply under the palm rest. They sounded decidedly awesome for notepad speakers, with an adequate soundstage, volume, and bass. There gave off an impression of being no bending or rattling at greatest volume. We’re surely not frustrated.

One of the significant redesigns in the GE63VR over past MSI gaming scratch pad is its new SteelSeries console. It has per-key RGB console backdrop illumination this time around, where each key can be independently set to one of 16.7 million hues. The pre-introduced SteelSeries Engine programming gives the capacity…

The past SteelSeries console on MSI gaming scratch pad had only three vertical backdrop illumination zones, so this is a major change. As far as programming setup, we like the way that the SteelSeries Engine enables you to set layered and multi-hued impacts. You can, for instance, complete a “ColorShift” wave, where you select the same number of keys as you need; once you set the root point, the backdrop illumination transforms in a wave-like design over those keys between two shades of your decision. There are various preconfigured formats, and you can make and spare your very own boundless number.

The product enables you to change the usefulness of any key by means of a large-scale manager. It’s essential, yet it takes care of business. The issue with this is you just have existing keys to remap; the GE63VR has no committed gaming large scale keys. There is two alternate way catches on the correct side of the console to dispatch the SteelSeries Engine programming and turn on the greatest fan speed, yet they can’t be remapped in the product. Contending notepads, for example, the Acer Predator 15, incorporate devoted large scale catches that can be remapped.

The vibe of this new SteelSeries console is made strides. The keys have all the more spring in them and a generally less rubbery feel. It’s an incredible composing background that could have been stunningly better notwithstanding some format idiosyncrasies. There’s no left Windows key, for one; that implies you’ll have to re-take in any alternate routes you’d use with that key. Furthermore, the number cushion has little keys that require additional fixation.

The Raider’s touch cushion is of the conventional assortment, with devoted left-and right-click catches. The catches are hardened and uproarious to press, yet the cushion itself is pleasantly measured and has a smooth, hostile to glare surface.


The GE63VR is sold as a preconfigured demonstrate just; there’s no processing plant customization as you’ll discover with Alienware, Dell, or HP. MSI’s Web webpage recorded seven distinct setups as we composed this, which should cover a large portion of the use situations. The accessible Intel Core i5-7300HQ and Core i7-7700HQ CPUs both have four preparing centers, in spite of the fact that the Core i7 chip (which was in our loaner unit) has Hyper-Threading innovation. Our benchmarking knowledge says Hyper-Threading doesn’t do much in gaming, however, it does make a difference in case you will render and encoding since it copies the quantity of strings the processor can deal with at the same time (eight for the Core i7-7700HQ; four with the Core i5-7300HQ.

You have a decision between two Nvidia designs cards in this notepad; the GeForce GTX 1060 6GBBest Price at Amazon is standard, while the GTX 1070 8GBBest Price at Amazon that was in our survey demonstrates is accessible as a redesign. Either card is virtual reality (VR) prepared. Discharged in mid-2016, these cards are known amounts now. The GTX 1060 can even now handle the present best titles at 1080p determination without giving up detail settings, while the GTX 1070 can be upwards of 35 percent quicker.

The GE63VR has two memory spaces; plant setups are accessible with 8GB to 32GB of RAM, the last being the greatest this notepad can deal with. For capacity, it has a solitary M.2 Type-2280 (80mm) space for strong state stockpiling, in addition to a conventional 2.5-inch drive straight. The GE63VR Raider-213 model we were credited for audit included 16GB of single-channel RAM (one 16GB-DIMM), a 256GB SSD, and no 2.5-inch drive.

Dismantling the GE63VR was an undertaking that we didn’t see to fruition. Subsequent to expelling the sinks the base of the scratch pad, we figured out how to pay off a portion of the baseboard, however, the left side around the port openings just wouldn’t move. We’re certain there’s an approach to get it separated, however, it’s most likely a vocation best left to the professionals. Expecting you can open it, the GE63VR ought to have a decent measure of upgradeability, including its M.2 space for SSDs, 2.5-inch sound for conventional capacity drives, and both of the DIMM openings for memory.


The GE63VR’s fans have depleted vents around the back corners of the skeleton. We just saw the fans turning on while we were running benchmarks or gaming. There was some fan cry notwithstanding the sound of the air going through the vents. It was hard not to see the GE63VR while it was buckling down, yet in the meantime, we don’t think it was evident to the point of inconvenience by and large. Generally, the commotion level appeared to be middle of the road to us.

To test the GE63VR’s cooling, we ran 3DMark’s worked on 10-minute pressure test utilizing the FireStrike Extreme preset. That is a sufficiently long time to get the framework completely warmed up. We logged the GPU’s temperature and center and memory frequencies while the benchmark was running.

This is a gorgeous diagram, as there wasn’t a ton of fluctuation in the center clock (blue line); it found the middle value of 1,606MHz. The GPU’s default clock is 1,480MHz, which implies the GE63VR was unquestionably dunking into its lift clock. The last is evaluated for 1,695MHz, nonetheless, demonstrating that some execution may have been left on the table. Given the solidness of the center clock, be that as it may, it’s difficult to grumble. The memory clock (dark line) remained stable the whole time at its appraised 2,002MHz recurrence. The GPU temperature (red line) expanded strongly toward the start before leveling off. It beat out at only 77 degrees C, a respectable working temperature for a notepad bound GeForce GTX 1070. The Core i7-7700HQ processor likewise beat out at 77 degrees C amid this test. (CPU temperature information doesn’t appear in the outline.)

We should investigate the GE63VR amid the pressure test through our FLIR One Pro, a warm imaging connection for Android and iOS gadgets.

The problem area in the focal point of the console gives away the area of the CPU and GPU in this scratch pad. We gauged the surface at only 95 degrees F here, however, which is cool for a gaming journal under full load.

Here’s a more intensive take a gander at the console zone. The upper left and right corners were 90 and 93 degrees F, respectably.

The temperatures on the base of the skeleton didn’t break triple digits; in perfectly focused, it topped 94 degrees F.

The cooling framework in the GE63VR seems to have worked exceptionally well, both all around. It’s not regularly we test a gaming journal with a cooling framework this proficient; the Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming (7577)$949.99 at Dell is another case, despite the fact that it doesn’t pack so intense a GPU as this MSI.

Battery Life:

After completely energizing the laptop, we set up the machine in control spare mode (instead of adjusted or superior mode) and made a couple of other battery-saving changes in planning for our unplugged video-rundown test. In this test, we circle a video—a privately put away MP4 document containing the full The Lord of the Rings set of three—with screen splendor set at 50 percent and volume at 100 percent until the point that the framework conks out.

The MSI GE63VR Raider’s battery life could have been something more, as the Gigabyte Aero 15 was adept to illustrate. Despite what might be expected, the Acer and the Asus showed that it could have been a considerable measure more awful, too. So, the GE63VR’s opportunity bodes well given its 51 watt-hour battery. Around four hours off the fitting is about what we expect for a gaming notepad in late 2017.


The MSI GE63VR Raider-213 is a solid revive of MSI’s GE-arrangement lineup. The sportier look, per-key RGB illuminated console, and enhanced gaming execution every single lifted it remaining in the market, particularly at the $1,649 value purpose of the model that we checked on. The contending Alienware 15 R3 and Acer Predator 15 don’t yet offer for every key RGB consoles, nor are they as thin and light as the GE63VR.

Different things we preferred about this notepad incorporated its compelling cooling framework, decent sounding speakers, bright 120Hz show, and great port determination. It even has illuminated USB ports, something we don’t review seeing previously, yet would welcome later on. By and large, the GE63VR Raider is definitely justified even despite a look (or two) in case you’re in the market for a superior 15.6-inches with every one of the extravagant accessories.

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