Samsung NP900X5L-K02US Notebook 9 15-Inch Laptop

The Samsung Notebook 9 feels so light that it’s difficult to trust it’s a 15-inch laptop. Truth be told, at 2.7 pounds, this is the lightest scratch pad with this size screen we’ve ever tried. There’s likewise a considerable measure to like about the note pad’s quick general execution, great battery life, and brilliant and vivid show. At $1,399, the assembled nature of the suspension and console don’t exactly satisfy the sticker price, yet visit voyagers who need a major show in a versatile plan should put this Ultrabook on their short rundown.

The Notebook 9’s smooth, the lightweight frame does a pleasant MacBook impression, yet doesn’t exactly go the distance. I’m a major devotee of the laptop’s shortsighted, silver outline – embellished by only a sparkly Samsung logo on the cover – yet its magnesium-compound undercarriage feels quite shoddy and bendable for a top-notch notepad.

Luckily, the Notebook 9’s padded 2.73-pound body and stunningly thin 0.61-inch edges make it an incredible travel friend. It’s somewhat slimmer and significantly lighter than the HP Specter x360 (4.4 pounds, 0.7 inches) and absolute petite contrasted with the likewise specced MSI Prestige PE60 (5.4 pounds, 1.1 inches). Among 15-inch machines, just the LG Gram 15 (2.16 pounds) is lighter than the Samsung.



Regardless of whether I was altering work records or watching motion picture cuts, the Notebook 9’s 15-inch, the 1080p show looked fantastically fresh and lively. The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 trailers truly shone on this thing – Drax’s red tattoos flew against his green skin, and I could make out each small detail, from the strands of Rocket Raccoon’s hide to the rich red foliage that rounded out a bright looking planet.

The Notebook 9’s phenomenal true hues were gone down by our benchmarks. Samsung’s laptop replicated a strong 114.9 percent of the sRGB shading range, for all intents and purposes tying the Specter x360 and MSI Prestige PE60 (both 113 percent) and besting our 94-percent normal.

In any case, where the Notebook 9 truly emerged was in its shading precision, with a Delta E rating of only 0.23 (more like 0 is better). The Prestige and Specter were significantly further off at 5.1 and 3.5, separately, just like our 2.23 normal.

In our lab tests, the Notebook 9 handed over a normal brilliance of 262. That tops the MSI Prestige’s 1080p show (192 nits) and the HP Specter x360’s 4K screen (255 nits) while coming up barely shy of our 277-nit standard scratch pad normal.

Keyboard and Touchpad:

The Notebook 9’s console is baffling, on the grounds that it figures out how to feel both smart and empty at without a moment’s delay. I had no issues pounding without end at work archives and effortlessly sped through the Key Hero writing test at 93 words for every moment with close flawless exactness. In any case, similar to whatever is left of the Notebook 9, the keys simply feel shabby and a tad excessively shallow – the more I utilized them, the more awkward I discovered them. It doesn’t help that the whole body appears to sink down on the off chance that you put only some additional weight on the console.

I don’t have numerous grievances about the laptop’s touchpad. While it could give a snappier snap, it made it simple for me to explore pages and squeeze to zoom.

The Notebook 9’s unique mark peruser is strategically located on the correct side of the console and has exactly the intended effect. After a brisk setup process, I could utilize a fast finger sweep to sign into Windows inside seconds.



The Notebook 7’s base confronting stereo speakers offer OK lucidity, yet they aren’t boisterous. The tropical guitars and taking off vocals of Paramore’s “Difficult Times” came through neatly, however, the bass was for all intents and purposes unintelligible.

I had likewise blended outcomes when changing riggings to the tireless overwhelming metal of Mick Gordon’s “Fate” soundtrack. The collection’s beating drums and synth sounded clear, however, guitars were sloppy, and each track basically did not have the volume and punch that I’m utilized to.


Considering what number of laptops are relinquishing ports for slimness, I was satisfied to locate a solid measure of associations on the Notebook 9’s thin edges.

On the left, there’s a USB 2.0 port, an earphone jack, a USB Type-C port and a power input, while two USB 3.0 ports, a microSD card peruser and an HDMI port sit on the right. The Notebook 9’s port choice ought to be a bounty for completing work, and it doesn’t add much mass to the laptop’s plan.



Pressing an Intel Core i7-7500U CPU with 16GB of RAM, the Notebook 9 hurdled through any undertaking I tossed at it. I never encountered any logjam on Samsung’s laptop, even as I slipped between finished twelve Chrome tabs (counting five Twitch streams) while running a full framework check.

The Notebook 9 got an 8,369 on the Geekbench 4 execution test, beating the Specter x360’s 8,017 (Core i7-7500U) while trailing the Prestige’s 12,678 (Core i7-7700HQ) and our 11,333 normal.

On our spreadsheet test, Samsung’s laptop coordinated 20,000 names to addresses in 3 minutes and 37 seconds. That is about keeping pace with the Specter x360 (3:34) and Prestige (3:39), and somewhat superior to anything our 3:55 standard scratch pad normal.

The Notebook 9’s 256GB SSD duplicated around 5GB of records in only 11 seconds, for a quick exchange rate of 451.8 MBps. That tops the Prestige’s 128GB drive (231.3), the Specter’s 512GB SSD (282.1 MBps) and our 200-MBps normal.

Graphics Performance:

Equipped with a discrete Nvidia 940MX GPU, the Notebook 9’s solid CPU execution is upheld by strong illustrations muscle.

Samsung’s laptop can deal with a decent measure of light gaming – it ran dashing game Dirt 3 at a strong 45 outlines for every second, which is essentially more playable than the Specter’s 29 fps (Intel HD Graphics 620).

On the 3DMark Ice Storm Unlimited test, the Notebook 9 scored 93,454. That tops our 90,179 normal while trailing the Specter (93,759) and the GTX 1050-controlled Prestige (98,160).


The Notebook 9’s 720p webcam is fine for snappy Skype calls, however, that is about it. All of the photographs I went up against the laptop were truly grainy, with bunches of pixelation in my face and a major, dim obscure where my facial hair typically is.

Battery Life:

You can rely on the Notebook 9 to get you through a long workday unplugged.

The laptop kept going 9 hours and 39 minutes on our battery test (ceaseless web surfing over Wi-Fi), topping the Specter x360 (8:36), the Prestige (4:13) and our 6:59 15-inch scratch pad normal.


You shouldn’t need to stress over the Notebook 9 consuming an opening in your lap. In the wake of playing 15 minutes of HD video, the temperature of the laptop’s touchscreen expanded to 73 degrees, while the console and underside came to 82 and 81 degrees, individually. Those numbers are largely well underneath our 95-degree comfort edge.


The Notebook 9 comes stacked with a modest bunch of Samsung applications, a large number of which will be more helpful to you in the event that you possess a Samsung telephone. SideSync gives you a chance to shaft your cell phone’s screen to your PC, while PC Gallery and PC Message are valuable for rapidly getting to your Galaxy telephone’s photographs and messages. There’s likewise a worked in Online Support device for getting speedy client benefit.

Generally speaking, the Notebook 9’s product suite is entirely inconspicuous, however, non-Galaxy proprietors won’t receive a mess in return. Perceive how Samsung fared in our Best and Worst Laptop Brands and Tech Support Showdown.


The Notebook 9 begins at $1,249, which gets you an Intel Core i7-7500U CPU, 8GB of RAM, a 256GB SSD and Intel HD 620 illustrations. Our $1,399 arrangement ups the RAM to 16GB and incorporates a discrete Nvidia 940MX GPU.

Bottom Line:

In the event that execution and transportability are your needs, the Notebook 9 conveys. This present laptop’s Core i7 processor and Nvidia GTX 940 can deal with a full workload and even some light gaming, while its 9.5-hour battery makes it simple to complete things in a hurry. The scratch pad’s thin and lightweight plan influences it to ideal for the street, and its brilliant 15-inch screen is perfect for gorging on motion pictures and shows.

In any case, regardless of these awesome specs, the Notebook 9 basically doesn’t feel like a top notch item. The console is a bit too free and shallow, and the whole skeleton feels excessively adaptable and chintzy. In the event that that is not a major issue for you, the Notebook 9’s execution will fulfill. Be that as it may, in the event that you need something sturdier (and sleeker), consider the HP Specter x360, which packs a 4K screen and convertible outline at a comparative cost.

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